The SRS Trend Rider Review - Is it
a Scam or is it Real?

The SRS Trend Rider website page ( opens up with this in the very beginning of the site,

"READ BELOW why this unique Hybrid Forex Strategy is unlike any manual or automated system in existence, with the power to deliver...+100 Pips Per Trade"

For those who don't know or are not familiar with Forex Trade, it is a currency exchange market which happens to be one of the largest currency exchanges out there in the world at 3.98 billion made last year alone in 2010.

There are many computer programs that can help in assistance towards the Forex Trade language and incur positive results of profit when used correctly. However, these programs cannot replace intuition and good judgment calls, they can only "guess" and make profit based on mathematical algorithms.

The SRS Trend Rider program claims that it is able to convert even newbies in the Forex Trading in 24 hours with a simple push of the button on the computer when running their program. Well no offense but that claim right there smells like a scam.

Regardless if the program indeed does work well or not, an individual is not going to become a professional within 24 hours of buying their product. Forex Trade takes a lot of risks, money to invest, the ability to predict good trades and time to learn the skills needed to achieve better and more profitable income from investing.

No computer Forex program can take the place of human intuition and replace good judgment skills of a human being. With that said, looking at the website, the page has only one selling advantage, the website is well done with tasteful color choices, video that works, and an eye for style. They also include testimonials such as this buyer who states;

"Fred B, UK
Age: 55
Occupation: Retired (electrical engineer)
Experience in Trading: 3 Year
Opening Account: $2500
After 1 Month: $5,221.43
Since I retired, 3 years ago, I spent some time per week trying to make a few bucks out of the Forex market. Until today, it seems like I am standing on the spot. Even with the newest and promising trading robots came out to the market recently, I didn't manage to gain profits into my account.

This strategy amazed me by its simplicity but more than that, it actually works. The system is so flexible that I could adopt it to the most convenient time of the day for me to trade.

Although the sRs strategy is not classified as a full automated robot, and offers me the manual control I need, but in practice, with the amount of time I need to invest in it, it simply is - an accurate "automated" trading system.

For the first time I encounter such a profitable system. In 1 month I was able to turn the $2,500 deposit into $5,221.43."
The SRS Trend Rider website page shows tasteful color choices, excellent buying strategies, and positive reviews that are peppered throughout the site. Even their video up links work, whereas many other sites promoting their Forex Trade computer programs the video up links were either disabled, or not functioning. Thus, the SRS Trend Rider website ranks ahead of many other sites. Going to another site for reviews on the SRS Trend Rider was a surprise, as customers indeed do show positive reviews and results using the SRS Trend Rider system as shown:

Review by Pete, July 25, 2010
Srs Trend Rider is one of the best systems I ever bought. It's extremely simple and accurate. I also like the money management strategy they teach us. I highly recommend this one.

Review by Carlos P, April 6, 2010
On the 15m/1hr trade frames have made 31 pips & 53 pips respectively just today. IMO is the automated version of FX Child's Play and a better version for sure because it greatly reduces emotions/uncertainty, while wisely managing the on-going trade for you. So far, so good. Let's see how it performs long-term...

Review by Richard, April 1, 2010
Vladamir's system is simple and most importantly accurate. I use it on the 1 hour time frame. I am trading Demo at the moment but will be going 'live' very soon. The money management strategy is superb and encourages the discipline required to trade for a living. It has been a long search to find a method this reliable. The only danger I can see would be 'over trading' and becoming over confident because of the strike rate. I Have to say Top Marks from me!

Review by Janet, March 21, 2010
I made almost 200 pips in my first day with SRS! It seems the best system for part time traders like me.

Review by Alex, January 21, 2010
Vladimir's SRS Trend Rider is a great trading system. This isn't a robot, which is a good thing since most robots end up by losing on the long term... The trading signals have been extremely accurate so far.

I got myself a SRS trend rider copy on the 1st day they launched it. So far, it made an around 70 pips a day, which is more than any other system I used. Hope it keeps working like this.

The SRS Trend Rider site even goes to the length of how to run the program, giving the user or potential buyer a look inside the program (with tutorial steps and pictures) and showing the steps towards how to run it as well, and receive up to 200 pips (online trade mark that nets in either a loss or profit).

The cost to buy SRS Trend Rider is $97.00. I would recommend this product simply based on the numerous positive results and reviews.

I would rather spend my money on a product that no matter where I look for other buyer's reviews, they are good and positive because the program really does work, than to buy a product that has poor results and bad reviews.

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