Sniper FX Signals Review - Is It A Good Forex
Trade Program? Or a Scam?

Forex Trading is the art of trading currencies with other countries against each other and within the United States as well. Forex Trade is the acronym for Foreign Exchange. Thanks to Forex Trade, this type of currency exchange last year alone in 2010 was worth 3.98 billion dollars in exchanges and profits.

Many Forex Traders use a broker or a market maker who is experienced in the matters of the Forex Trade business. Other individuals choose to use computer software in place of brokers or market makers, saving more on their investments and profits rather than paying percentage dues to a broker.

Upon first glance of the website at Sniper FX Signals (, I was disappointed! Their graphics could have come from anywhere, there is no real poof, just excel worksheets done up with the "ripped" outlook of a bunch of numbers, from where is anyone's guess.

Just from the set up and style of the website, one can't help but to wonder if this is nothing more than another scam. When a person goes on the internet and searches products, usually there are easy and incriminating circumstances to point out that make one site different from other sites.

Most scamming websites tend to try to convince and sell their points over and over with the promises of amazingly ridiculous profits to be gained, when you buy their product. In this case this is exactly what this website looks like - A SCAM.

The only way to gain access after buying the product is to download the program. There are no CD's or even manuals on how to operate the program, except maybe in the software download.

Generally most Forex Trade programs will indeed help achieve better goals, however it is not a magic one touch key stroke and presto you have profits! No, it is with conscious effort on your part, money invested to gain profits (or loss of course) and good judgment calls.

Other website reviews on the Forex Sniper FX Signals program show negative results. I was hard pressed in finding good results and reviews in regards to this program from consumers who had bought the program.

"Submitted: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Posted by: Raul d. velez (Discovery Bay California U.S.A.) This company offers a $4.95 trial service for one week utilizing their Forex signals service. I subscribed for this trial and then did some due diligence on them and their service and found derogatory information from various sources. I then sent them an email that they provided indicating that I wanted to cancel my subscription.

This was done before my trial week was due to expire. No response from anyone. Then the following week, they debited my credit card I had used for the trial week for $77.00 which is their ongoing monthly charge. I then sent another email to them demanding they cancel and issue a refund of my $77.00. Still, no response. They operate with no other contact information other than one email address to which no one responds to. They should be shut down so they don't continue ripping people off!"

NOTE: These next reviews were from another vender who was selling the product Sniper FX Signals created by John Seely.

Comment by Mike on October 8, 2010 @ 9:39 am
Bought this and the up sell for more currencies on 09.04
3:20am and installed it immediately.

Only 2 short term signals EUR/GBP on Tuesday with TP11 and SL54. One winner, one loser. For receiving the signal, you have to refresh your browser every few minutes. That means you have to sit in front of your pc 24 hours a day. No automatic alert, no sound, no mail, no SMS. The vendor Josh Harringly does not answer any email. Stay away!!!!!

Comment by Al on October 25, 2010 @ 9:39 pm
Not worth trying. Josh Harringly does not answer any e-mails and the service is pathetic or non-existent. Save your money.

ejohnston, Oregon
Review: I signed up about 45 days ago... No way can I make anywhere near the 500 pips a day they talk about. Haven't made any pips...only lost about 100 pips on their signals.... I have emailed them 5 times with no response. I requested a refund of my money, per their 60 day money back guarantee still no response....

Review: I'm not sure how I can make 500 pips a day which is the claim the service is making. Thus far (4 weeks) there have been no long term signals and a few scattered short term signals with targets of 5-20 pips. There were no signals during my trial period. Email asking about this went unanswered.

Now in the full service, (basic and advanced) I have not yet been able to take a single trade as when they pop up on the login screen the market has already moved past any entry, target or SL points. I was under the impression I would be able to see a larger number of trades going down sitting shotgun with a pro trader. Unfortunately it is averaging about 4 trades a week. I had to laugh, one trade had a target of 4 pips....I didn't catch that one."

Interestingly I was unable to find either anymore reviews by customers who bought the John Seely Sniper FX Signals product or even positive reviews unless you go to buy the product. Unfortunately, this product has very little proof other than "advertising", almost no real back up for the product.

I, myself sure would not buy something that is not a tangible product that is sent via mail. If my computer were to crash, I have just lost out on an expensive product. I don't recommend this product because the safety of the product and credibility seems to be poor and not worth the money which is $147.00, and offered for a so called "short" time at $77.00. Don't buy it is a good call.