OmniForex Signals Review - A Great
Tool or Another Scam?

Viewing the OmniForex Signals website, you are encouraged that to be able to start trading in the Forex Market, you only need a few things. Access to a computer at least once a week, money, and OmniForex.

The money thing can be a daunting part to many people, and even though they tell you that some brokers will let you trade for as little as $1, we all know that you need more money than that if you are going to start making investments.

Knowing the basics of Forex is also recommended, and here they tell you that this market is able to make some people a lot of money, but you have to have access to the right information. They claim they have this information with OmniForex Signals.

With this system, they promote that a few minutes a day is all that is needed of your time, always something attractive to people who are looking to have more time in their daily lives and who don't want to work really long hours.

OmniForex is based on a complex set of computer algorithms that give you information on all the currency pairs that are available depending on when you want to trade. You are given three options here - intraday (up to six times daily), once daily, or once weekly, whichever option best suits you and your life.

The signals that are generated give you the time to buy, the Get Profit level and the Stop Loss level, so you will have all the information you need to make the right trading decision.

"My husband and I started using Omni Forex just over two years ago. From that day on we live a lifestyle free from money issues! Thanks to Omni Forex we have the time and opportunity to achieve our dreams together, since it requires so little time and effort to use the Omni Forex system. We highly recommend others to join Omni Forex for its simplistic and guarantees financial success! " Susan and Michal Howe New York, USA


This system is even recommended for people who are beginners with Forex trading, not needing any previous experience or knowledge. You can work this system from anywhere in the world, and they have success stories worldwide, no matter who the people are - students, retired, full time workers, etc.

When you visit the main website, you will even find they have a simple little "game" you can play to supposedly see how trading with this system will be like, which leads you to a game where you have to rapidly click on the right button, and if you miss it will "buzz" at you.

They do however give you a taste of how their member's area looks, with examples of the indicators showing you whether you should buy or sell, like these:

The site also has some positive reviews, of course, that make this system even more tempting then they have already made it by promoting its ease of use and short time it would take you to use it. One such customer states:

"Working a few hours a week is a long- time dream of mine. Finding Omni Forex was just right. No technical knowledge about Forex is needed with the basic signals when to buy and sell. The helpdesk is just wonderful; there is always someone to answer my questions. Omni Forex is exactly what I've been looking for. I highly recommend it to others. If I can do it, anyone can. " Frances Paul Berkeley, USA


Scrolling through the rest of the site, however, and seeing the monthly price tag for this system might seem a bit surprising, considering other methods have a one-time fee of about the same as OmniForex wants each month for theirs.

Sure, you have a cheap trial to start with them, but it is only three days. It takes looking around at other reviews of this system to find out why there is a monthly charge for this particular system.

Looking around the internet, you find that the OmniForex system isn't like the rest in that its setup requires its own servers to host it and uses a web based system to get all the information you need.

Other systems that can work on your home computer or laptop are much less extensive, therefore leaving out most of the parameters that OmniForex uses. Most of the other systems also use price data to make future predictions, making your results much less inconsistent, therefore the reason why they only charge you a one-time fee.

OmniForex on the other hand bases its result on market timing pivots instead of pricing. This gives you the flexibility of deciding when you will be able to trade and sit down at your computer. And since it only takes a few minutes to do so, it makes this system all the more easy to use.

For these reasons, OmniForex is different than all the other Forex trading systems you may have seen already because it does the analysis for you, so all you have to do is log in and grab it. Other systems just show you their method and then leave it up to you to decide how to use it.

This system seems to be well promoted on the web, with some extensive reviews explaining even more than the website does about how it works, so it makes it easy for even beginners to understand what it is all about. It has been heard of some people only starting with a few dollars, and within a few weeks of trading having built up enough working capital that they can make a steady income from doing this.

From the website itself and the reviews, this system seems to be able to completely set you up to run on your schedule and let you trade with ease at just the click of a button, even if you do not start out with much (or any) knowledge of Forex trading itself.

"The signals work right and thus provides you the correct information about when to sell and when to buy. The astonishing fact is that even a person who is new to this forex field can handle this product easily and can become an expert. This product can be accessed by anyone around the world and now many enthusiasts are finding their ways to know more about it. This product is really a true opportunity for those who are eagerly waiting to make a good deal of money."


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