LMT Forex Formula Review -
Is it for Real or a Scam?

Dean Saunders is the inventor of the LMT Forex Formula (www. lmt-forex-formula.com). At a young age, he claims to have found the answer to forex traders' problem of having to always be sitting at their computers watching the market.

He started trading at only sixteen, and it took him many long hours, even years, to find the solution he was looking for. He went through making all the rookie mistakes, and even when he was trading well, found he was tied down to his computer in his basement all the time, with no life.

Watching his friends lead normal lives with regular jobs, he knew there had to be a better way for him to do this. He wanted what we all probably would want: a way to make the money without having to be stuck to it at all times. He wanted to be able to enjoy the money he was making and live his life. Dean claims that his program is totally unique from other forex trading systems. His system has an 82% win ratio - that its, an 82% chance of success. Dean said when he finally realized the answer was automation but with total human control was when he found the answer he was looking for.

He knew automation by machine was a recipe for disaster, so being able to have total control over his trading without having to be on top of it all the time was just what he needed.

His 47 page eBook will take you through step by step to reveal his system and how it can work for you. After downloading this software and reading through it, you have to put it on your metatrader platform.

You can automatically depend on the software if you choose after it is set up with your parameters. You can even see if the trade will be a strong one or a weaker one depending on the parameters.

One reviewer has this to say about the program:

Personally, I really think that the LMT Forex Formula is one of the best forex products of the year. I'm starting to use it on my own live account, as it is really amazing! Concerning the support, Dean Saunders and his team will always answer your questions very fast, which is an important benefit in my mind.
( http://www.ultimateforexreview.com/forex-software-reviews/forex-software-review-lmt-forex-formula.php)

Dean promotes his product as easy to use and quick to start up, stating that you can continually make a profit with this as long as you decide to, his biggest selling point being that it only takes a few minutes a day.

Dean went so far as to have beta testers, according to his site, to make sure that his product was able to be worked by anyone. After his experiment he states that all of the testers were happy with how easy the program was and that they worked less than they ever had to for forex trading. One of them had to say this about the program:


Before I got a copy of the LMT Forex Formula back in January I used to spend 8 hours a day in front of my charts and hadn't had a single profitable month ever! The best I managed was break even and that only happened twice.
After swallowing my pride and implementing the LMT Forex Formula in my first month of trading I made $4,128. In my second month I made $5,282.
What's even more astounding is the fact I only need to be at my charts for 10-15 minutes each day, now I have more free time than I know what to do with.
So far I have had a total of 13 trades with 2 losses.
That's 84.62% winning trades!
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Dean also suggests quadrupling the time you spend a day using his program to just one hour, saying that this will become a constant stream of income. He promotes a stress free, worry free tag to his system, saying you will get everything you need to achieve success.

He has even posted frequently asked questions he gets in his email and the answers to them on his website to help quell any fears people may have about his particular program. He offers support once you buy the program as well.

The program includes:

*A Manual: With only 60 pages it is designed to get you up and trading now. It includes two trading methods and visual checks that Dean says are the secret from changing your trading results to maybe making money to make a sure profit.

*A Custom Indicator Package: Trade when you want with indicators that are completely mechanical, allows you to trade when you are ready (not when a robot is) and a formula that lets you work as little as 15 minutes a day.

*Four video tutorials: These include steps on how to pick the right broker, opening a demo account so you can get used to forex trading first, and step by step trade examples.

He has taken all the information and condensed it into a manageable sized package so it is not overwhelming for anyone, yet simple to start and understand.

Most reviews of Dean's product seem fairly favorable. One reviewer suggests it is more suited for the beginner to moderate trader, but not someone who is well experienced in forex trading:

If you're an advanced bargainer and you already experience comfortable with what you're doing but may be overt to new trading method actings, you 're plausibly looking something a little more complex than the LMT Forex Formula.

Dean Saunders is an experienced forex trader of over nine years and is fairly well known in this area of trading. His program also comes with an eight week money back guarantee, so it could be worth the time and effort to check it out if it seems to be the kind of program you are looking for.

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