Hector Trader for the Advanced Trader -
Is it a Scam?

This site is built by Hector DeVille, a full-time Forex trader. He has set up a system that he says is real trading, not a mechanical program where you are just following so-called indicators without even knowing why you are buying or selling.

Hector stresses that the main problem for traders is weeding through all the misinformation and empty promises to find the important information necessary to trade successfully. He wants to help all the people who have spent the hundreds of dollars on systems that did not do what they promised, did not have the consistent results you need and are tired of the programs that have no updates or support after you buy them.

Hector seems to strongly believe in fully learning how to trade before you try and do it, so you know what you are doing when you take action. He shares live trading videos with you right on his site, explaining that real trading is not mechanical, but rather it is focused on price action reading and really understanding what is going on in the chart as the trade happens. Having the ability to read the charts is an essential skill to knowing how to trade the right way, Hector says.

Although it seems from reading Hector's site he is all about properly training people to trade, one reviewer, although a fan of Hector's system, said it might not be for the beginner, and that they should first go through a free training course to learn the basics of Forex trading, including the vocabulary, such as what are pips?

Hector's system comes with 8 chapters on things like entry signals, the best stop loss and target levels, and money management rules. His course is set up around over 60 real time videos as well, totaling over 17 hours of video, which he says is the best way to learn so that you can see for yourself what he is doing. He also includes a custom Excel sheet and 10 golden rules to help keep your trading going.

One great feature of Hector's program is that he offers support to all of his customers. He states that he continually receives questions and examples of his customer's setups in his email daily and that he will take the time to help anyone who asks so that they can have the best trading experience. You can see testimonials from many of them as well on Hector's site through another video he has posted, but here is one from the site itself:

"All excellently explained by a Pro! If you seriously want to learn to trade then it's really worth checking out. Trading is a serious business, and you should get serious training. Hector's website is a superb place to learn strategies that work."

~ Fabio, from London


Hector also includes what he calls a trend scanning indicator in his program. It is for the MetaTrader4 platform and it will help you to find trends through all trading pairs so that you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for yourself. This, he says, will save you from a lot of aggravation since you don't have to search for all the valid trading setups yourself.

Customers on Hector's site have this to say about the trend indicator:

"Like you say in the course, trading in the direction of the trend is the only way to make consistent money in Forex, and I love the fact that I can always confirm my trades with the trend indicator!"

~ J.C., from Canada

"It is a no-brainer: Red circle? search for shorts. Green circle? search for longs. Grey circle? stay out and keep yourself from troubles! Would you believe me if I told you that my percentage of winning trades has doubled since I follow the colors in your indicator?"

~ Hans, from Austria


With all of this, Hector also offers a 60 day money back guarantee. With all the good reviews, he is confident in offering this to anyone who is willing to try his program. All you have to do is send him an email with the 60 days and he will refund your money promptly.

"What was most notable about the Hector Trading instruction was the clarity. As a beginner Forex trading can be overwhelming, and once the emotions of money come into play it can seem impossible to make sense of it all. But the way Hector breaks the instructions down into simple segments, I was left with a sense of HOPE. Hope that a simple trend following system could actually lead to profitable Forex trading."


As with this one, Hector's program seems to have many positive reviews on the internet. The value of his program, the extensive content in it and the fact that he uses videos to actually show you in real time what he is doing seem to be the biggest points for buyers of this program. With Forex trading, being able to actually watch and learn how to identify good trading trends will help you to be more confident in your own trading and therefore give you better results.

The trend scanner is also mentioned in reviews. This tool seems to be a major time saver, as it scans through all 28 currencies and will identify which ones are trending in a specific timeframe. Trading with trends will help you to reduce your losses and increase the amount of pips gained, so Hector's bonus item in this program seems to be a very useful one indeed.

The only other complaint besides the program maybe not being for beginners that can be found is that his spoken English can be difficult to understand, since it is not his native language. With that, this program looks like it could be well worth your investment for better learning how to trade the Forex market.

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