Forex Trading Made "EZ"
Review - Is it a scam?

The sales pitch for this e-book written by a former airline pilot named George Smith seems to use an approach that begins its focus on potential negative areas of a customer's life, such as boredom with a job or lack of sufficient income.

This type of approach can put a potential customer into a frame of mind that they need this product to solve those negative areas. While this is a sales tactic that generally makes me wary of the product, the information presented on the site ( does seem to indicate that it may actually work as described.

This e-book, along with multiple videos of trading examples, focuses on short-term investment strategies. The videos and a condensed version of the book are made available free of charge. Upon purchase of the full book, you will also receive access to George's membership club.

This club makes weekly videos available giving examples on the trading process. Full support is also provided through this club "[for] as long as you need it". In addition to these benefits, links are provided to you showing the real-time results of George's personal investments.

Corrado writes in his customer review at that "The previous reviews are right. I bought recently this product and I'm really satisfied. It's a clear and concise book of 80 pages. George explains clearly not only his method but also his daily routine. I purchased many course reviewed here on forexpeacearmy, but this is probably the best. The method is nothing new, but it's the contest where is applied that makes sense. If you are interested to have a preview of his method and book (obviously it's not completely revealed) you could download an extract of it simply requesting it. I think that this could be a good method to start for beginners, but also a profitable method for the others. You could also (before buying anything) watch him trade in real time. Now I'll give him 4 stars only because of I've not had the time to test intensively, but I hope in a near future to gain some money and review it with a 5stars."

The target here is to make multiple winning trades of five points or above each day, ending with a point gain of 20 to 25 points daily. This can be beneficial for traders with no experience who would like to learn how the trade market operates. Traders who are more experienced can also benefit from this method.

Examples of charts are provided to help you understand various techniques, along with explanations of how to put these techniques into action. Throughout the e-book, links to videos are included which further clarify the whole process.

This book keeps things simple and focuses only on the methods you need to know to make a profit, making it even more attractive for the novice trader.

Using George's method to increase profits by 5% daily, you do have the potential to double your initial investment every 13 to 17 days if you have no losses within that time. A beginning investment of $100 using this method could potentially increase to over $3200 in approximately 90 days.

It is very unlikely that you will not experience any losses during this period of time, however. This is why it is important to stick to the 5% rule and not a riskier, higher amount. Slow, steady growth of your investments is the safest route you can take when choosing to make trades.

Mike H. from Cleveland writes on

"Your method is perfect for the kind of trading I want to do - slow and steady. It's teaching me to trust "my instruments." The method is deceptively simple but eloquent and it works. The videos are very, very helpful. Keep them coming, please. Thanks so much for putting it together and sharing your expertise."

Various other reviews found on the Internet indicate that this is indeed a good product, with excellent support provided by its creator.
One reviewer on states "He is truly a great trader but even more important a great person. He takes the time out to answer his students and help them with anything they are struggling with."

Another ForexPeaceArmy commenter, Vassilis, states that this is an "Excellent scalping system with tight stop loss that will protect your account. You identify the trend and take a small portion of it. You can do it 4-5 times a day and you are done. Support is outstanding. George will answer questions and send videos regularly refining his technique. You do not have to wait for days before a setup shows up. "

According to, Forex Trading Made E-Z is a product that ranks at the top of its category class. Because of the abundance of positive customer feedback, high rankings among comparison sites for trading methods, and the excellent level of support provided by the book's creator, this is a product I would absolutely recommend investing in.

The cost is also very attractive at only $77 USD, a very fair price for the work put into the book and the continuing support you will receive after your purchase. I was also impressed that there were no "free extras" thrown into the offer, as this often comes off as desperate to me, indicating the main goal of the seller is to rush you into spending your money.

George himself even states that offers such as these are often a distraction from the original product, and he does not believe they would provide any benefit.

His suggestion to download the condensed version of his manual before spending any money also indicates that this is an honest, genuine product which will deliver what it promises. There is also a guarantee of a full refund if you are not satisfied and will notify him within 60 days.

If you follow the simple guidelines, rules, and methods, you certainly can increase your trade profits significantly. Patience is a must with this system, so stick to the rules!

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