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Is it a Scam? Or Real? is the website that Mr. Avi Frister uses to promote his three forex trading systems. Avi is an experienced forex trader and educator, who has been doing so for 11 years and claims to have tried and tested more than 150 methods of forex trading.

His main point seems to be that in order for you to be successful at forex trading, you need to trade differently than everyone else is, that is, be trading like 1% of everyone doing this, instead of like the rest (99% of other traders).

Among other things, Avi tells us that his method is new and revolutionary. He says he can teach you how to make a 5 figure income with his Price Drive Forex Trading system, or PDFT.

Avi's methods are different from other typical ways of forex trading. His are completely mechanical, using only the price of the currency pair and a time element. He doesn't teach about chart patterns, pivot points, moving bands and other strategies here.

But whatever kind of trader you are, he has everything covered through his predetermined money management rules and the three methods of trading that he teaches. The first one, called the Cash Cow, is great for traders who like to trade a few times a month, so they can set it up and not have to worry about checking it all the time.

The other two on the other hand, are great for those traders that do like to trade daily.

One of Avi's customers says:

"Avi, it is amazing how the market reacts to the Forex Cash Cow setup. Over and over again. I made more than 20 times the value of your course in only 2 trades. I have been searching for a long time a strategy that will be profitable and will allow me to not monitor the market. Trading mechanical systems like you teach is the way to go."

Roger P, USA


Aspects of the Cash Cow System Include:

*Simple Rules. If A = B than do C

*No judgment or interpretation is required. Since the program is completely mechanical you do not have to know many of the little details you do with other programs. There is no stress to following this strategy as with other programs.

*You don't have to monitor the market all the time. Most people who want to trade the forex market have jobs and daily lives that just don't give them the time daily to keep up with the market. With Forex Cash Cow, you don't have to watch the market every day; it only takes about a minute every week to set up!

*No other like it. Avi's PDFT strategy is the only one of its kind, so you can trade like no one else!

The simple steps to this strategy include checking at the end of each trade day to see if the conditions have been met, putting in your orders the next day with your broker and waiting for the results.

The next strategy, the Forex Runner, is one of Avi's daily trading strategies.

The Forex Runner is an easy to understand, unemotional way of trading. It lets you decide when you want to trade - you can choose when out of the 24 hour trade market you want to do your trading.

It has small stop losses, large profit objectives and a big percentage of trades that win, making it one of the leading forex trading systems. It is a fast way of trading where you don't need to use things like indicators or resistance levels. You control every aspect of your trading - you decide when to trade, how much and when, with no need to buy any service.

So with Forex Runner you simply choose the timeframe you wish to trade in, choose your currency pair or pairs, and apply the total mechanical rules to find a trade and then enter a buy or sell order. When you do this you also enter a stop loss order and a profit objective order.

Mr. Frister's third program is the Forex Flip and Go. This strategy takes the EUR/USD pair, which generally produces a low risk/high gain and shows you how to trade on it.

As anyone who trades daily would agree, this is what you are looking for when trading. The Forex Flip and Go tries catching a large part of the swings at the beginning of the move, and if it is wrong, will also automatically get you out with little loss, as with this example:

Avi says if you are serious about being a day trader and being successful, his methods are the best to consistently make a profit. His 180 page system will take you through step by step, even if you are new to forex trading, and help you to become that successful trader.

Another of Avi's customers, Paul S. of the UK says:

"Hi Avi, I really love your system (flip n go) and I am really making a profit. No need to use indicator, you are right. I just wasting my money to buy the indicator based systems before and i should found you first. I think your system is so cheap if we want to compare how much profit we will make. You should increase your price. I hope I will see u one day. (

Besides these three strategies, when you buy Mr. Frister's program, he is offering different bonuses, including a "Trading for Beginners" eBook and a 56 day money back guarantee. Overall, Avi Frister seems to be a knowledgeable Forex Trader, willing to teach people who are interested his methods of trading in a straightforward, easy to understand way.

From other reviews, he is a reputable trader and teacher, and the information he is selling could at least be worth checking into, even for the novice, since, as he says, his methods are like no one else's and are emotion and stress free.

"Overall, I can highly recommend this product as each strategy is easy to follow and implement, and more importantly is capable of producing regular profits." (

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