Forex Trading Hours

Forex trading hours are very important when it comes to the Foreign Exchange Market. Traders have to learn the details of this market and how to operate on it.

The hours of operation for trades are a critical piece of this puzzle. There are a number of details that relate specifically to Forex trading hours.

There are four cities that are central to the Forex Market. These are New York, London, Sydney, and Tokyo. Each of these cities has specific times for trading. In essence, trading on this market is taking place around the clock. This provides traders with a lot of versatility. It also helps them to understand when the best time for trading is.

You can find a number of software products that will assist you in getting the most out of your trading experience. Some things affect your success on this market. Forex trading hours will factor into this process. Let's take a look at other things that may impact this experience.

Best times to trade

There are some times that are better to trade than others. You will achieve the most success when you know when these times are. When the market is most active, this is a great time to trade. This is the time when the highest volume trades are taking place. Many traders are not interested in Forex when the market is moving slowly.

Opening time

It is essential that you know when the market opens in each key city. This provides you with many options for conducting your specific currency trades. Looking at these times will help you to focus optimum trading times. Here are the hours for Forex:

New York - Eastern Standard Time - 8:00a - 5:00p

Tokyo - Eastern Standard Time - 7:00p - 4:00a

Sydney - Eastern Standard Time - 5:00p - 2:00a

London - Eastern Standard Time - 3:00a - Noon

Overlapping hours

There are hours where trading times overlap. This information is vital when it comes to the currencies that you buy or sell. Understanding Forex trading hours will help you to make a plan for trading. Overlapping hours are the times that give you the best trading. This is when the highest trade volume is taking place. Here are those overlapping hours:

New York and London - Eastern Standard Time - 8:00a - Noon

Sydney and Tokyo - Eastern Standard Time - 7:00p - 2:00a

London and Tokyo - Eastern Standard Time - 3:00a - 4:00a

Trading around the clock

One of the best things about investing in Forex is having constant access to the market. During the 5 business days of the week, there is 24 hour trading taking place. When you consider the best time to conduct your trades there are a few things to consider.

Values of currencies fluctuate from day to day. The price on one day may be very different on the next day. Considering these changes is important when you are an active trader.

Software products help

New traders must use as many techniques as they can. Guidance and resources prove very beneficial when it comes to trading. There are many top-rated software items on the market today for Forex. These products are used to not only learn about the market, but the best times to trade.