Forex STF Review - What is it
and is it Real? Or a Scam?

The world currency trading called Forex Trading is a popular way to make profits. Today the trend of Forex Trading is heading towards being the largest currency exchange trading in the world at 3.98 billion in the year of 2010 alone.

Forex STF ( is a program that is a revolutionized genetic algorithm technology Forex Trading computer program that virtually evolves to become better, faster, and more profitable with more use of the program.

The main website for Forex STF states that their program beats out Fibonacci, Scalping, and other Forex Trade computer programs because Forex STF is the only genetic algorithm technological program available.

The site also claims that their program is able to evolve with better choices when a profitable trade becomes a loss and will not keep digging a hole into that particular pip trade like other "robot" EA programs like Fibonacci does. Instead, Forex STF will evolve to make more and more profitable trades.

From the desk of Jim Stanford, his product is the number one, top of the line Forex Trade marketing computer program tool for any person who deals with Forex trading. "If you've been waiting for something NEW to hit the Forex game... something that makes trading as easy, fast and profitable as it's cracked up to be...

... what I'm about to show you is going to make up for all the frustration... all the broken promises... and all the dirty LIES you've been force-fed until now.

It's a discovery that's rocketed me into the top five percent of Forex day-traders... routinely earns me $445 to $6,450 or more on every trade I make...even if you have never placed a winning trade in your life!"

The style of Jim Stanford's selling points is based on becoming extinct like dinosaurs or evolution and that these are the only two paths an individual can take. In other words, I get the feeling that buying his program, which is the only evolutionary Forex Trade program that works, is the only way to go.

Interestingly, the look and feel of his website Forex STF is a scam. Making up to $6,450 or more sounds too bogus to be real. Most Forex Traders make profit gains off of what they invest to profit from, meaning that Jim Stanford does not mention that the amount of monies that can be made happen to depend on the size of investments to trade and profit off of.

Further down into the Forex STF website page, there is a comparative chart based on his program and other Forex Trade programs. All other programs offer only two incentives, whereas his program offers over 20 better incentives.

*Profitable Trade
*Profit proven on Back tests
*Proven profit with real money
*100% Hands - Free Automated
*Patented Revolutionized Genetic Algorithm
*Proven 99.7% pinpoint accuracy
*Trades multiple currencies
*Automated risk minimizer
*Built in money management
*Great risk - reward ratio
*Results within minutes from installation

Now seeing how the other Forex Trade programs also can claim all these incentives as well, it goes to show that it looks like this Forex STF program is no better than its other competitive Forex Trading programs. Here are some user reviews from people who either actually bought the system, or were about to which are not so good:

"I installed this piece of crap on two different demo platforms. No trades on either platform. This piece of crap is nothing but a hyped up junker. Just like most all of the robots. This is my last experience with crap like this. I have put in for a refund yesterday. Good luck to anyone who buys it. Also they told me like the other reviewer that this bot trades 3 to 4 times a week. If that is so then how the heck is he making 6450$ per day. Lies all lies. Be smart and get your money back while you can.

another scam... trust me... the wording is nice just like last time a bold headed a5h0le promoting for Forex brilliance... don't be fooled. Learn to trade and then open a trade, anyhow with super experts most of the time the results will be positively 50-70% success rate only. cheers!

Still no trades, have emailed support, and they say it has only 3 to 4 trades a week. Will see what happens in the days to come.

I have installed the STF 6 working days ago - but no trade up to today.
However, I have another (profitable) robot which behaves the same way: sometimes no trades in a week, then 2-5 trades in the next. It really depends on the programmed combination of the indicators. I will give it some time, as I have 5 more weeks to claim my money back.

Hi, same as above comments - installed and no trades.

So, how come in their latest email with link to webpage with various trading results there are many profitable trades? Are they lying or have we not set our parameters right or something? Anyway I'll give it another week then ask for a refund.

I have bought it (both the base and the advanced), tried it, made a horrible backtest, leave it on demo account for one week, no trades, asked for a refund, and had the refund today from clickbank. I think that their tongue is better than their technical knowledge. So if you have an advice of a real good EA please let me know. Obi

I have installed both base and the advanced version on one live account and 1 demo account 5 days ago. No trades so far. Another piece of crap I suspected. But the manual trading system (bought at the same time with the STF) did have a few good entry points which could have made lots of pips. The manual indicators work on any currency pairs (I did try a few currency pairs and they all showed good entry points). If the base and advance versions are based on the manual systems, how comes there are no trades. I just don't understand!


STF and STF Advanced running, first trade of Advanced version after 10 days... open since 3 days now and actually sinking my 3'000$ demo account with 1'404$ draw down! It has never been in profit and when I saw it opened a sell position at a very low point of EURUSD, I thought of manually closing the order... but I gave it a chance! Position: Opened: 07.06@01:35UK - Sell 0,73 lot price 1.25149 No T/P no S/L... How does this shit work? I'll let it play hoping the loss will be smaller than that! But sure I'll go for a refund without waiting for 60 days! I have tested and let run other robots who are able to bring about 5-10% profit as long as I don't trade on Fridays! Everyone who had no trade with STF yet, delete it and claim a refund before you have a similar situation!"

As anyone can see, the reviews from individuals show that Forex STF really is a scam. My recommendation is don't waste your $100.00 on a program that only fuels negative results from people who have already bought and tried the program. It is only a lot of heartache and a waste of time.