The Forex Rebellion Review - Is it
the Real thing? Or Just a Scam?

On Russ Horn's site, he starts out by telling you his story of how he came to develop his program, The Forex Rebellion ( He had come into Forex trading when a friend suggested investing in a business that made their money in the Forex market.

Russ had been working his self-owned business 'round the clock, missing out on his kids growing up, family events, etc. and was looking for a better way. The company drew him in with large gains at first, but then the company couldn't keep it up, and eventually went under, and in the end Russ lost everything he'd invested.

This motivated Russ insisted in finding a way to create his own system that he could use to trade on the Forex market. He soon became so invested in this that his own business began to falter because he did not have time for it anymore. But, he knew he was on the right path, so he kept pressing on in his research in the Forex market.

He soon realized he was good at creating trading systems - he just had to figure out the secret to making one that would work well enough that he could stop missing out on his family's life. After a total of five years he says he finally figured out the secret of a system that could make a lot of money and let him live his dream for him and his family.

Russ designed his system for someone with a full time job, because when he started, he had one. He also made it so it would only take ten minutes a day to work, because that's about all he had to spare on it. So to start, this would seem to appeal to many people right off the bat, since they would be able to continue working their job while they see how this system works for them.

Russ shared his program with a few people to test it out to see if others could use it and be successful at it before he fully released it for sale to the public. He states that how he kept hearing of how after using his system, they stopped trading with their old systems and used his instead. Once such person states:

Hi Russ,

I'm not sure if you remember me but I just want to say a huge thank you. It's Andy here. I just want to say a big thank you for your fantastic service. I'm not a great technophile but thanks to your help I got a lot of stuff right. And I just want to say that the Forex Rebellion system made me a good 25% on my account with absolutely no effort at all.

Thanks again! Andy, UK

Russ has several testimonial videos and live trade videos on his site for you to review. He believes in proving to people that his system works by them being able to see live trading ¨C not such a bad idea, as many people want proof of something before they buy it.

His easy to understand system has several favorable features including the fact that it works in all market conditions, on all currency pairs and time frames; there is no second guessing with this program, there are several exit strategies and there is a built-in risk reduction stop loss method.

This program was created by a trader for other traders who uses this system himself on a daily basis. It is flexible to fit each individual's lifestyle and it puts you into trades that have a high probability of success, so you don't have to worry about making money. With this program it will happen, because bad trades get filtered out.

You just have to decide when you want to trade and what trades you want to take as they come up as the system notifies you of each new one. Russ created his system to automatically find the good trades so that he could be free of sitting there all the time doing the searching himself, therefore letting him lead the kind of life he wanted, and needed too for his family.

Another happy customer stated:

Hi Russ

Dean here, I bought your course as a birthday present for myself earlier this month. I was actually worried just after I made the buy. I thought, gee whiz, I'm blowing cash on what will probably just be a lot of hot air, but it was my birthday.

Anyways to my absolute joy, I felt like flipping cartwheels round the living room because for once, I had stumbled on an excellent course and have been more than happy since then. This is first grade stuff Russ. Thanks so much for sharing this!


Dean Radzinski
Dallas, TX

Russ came up with quite an extensive looking package, making sure that anyone whom purchased his system would know everything there was to know about the Forex Rebellion.

His system includes a manual, a trade assistant, custom indicators, a chart template, an introduction disc, time frames and currency pairs, indicators, entry signals, stop losses, exit strategies, a disc on putting it all together, bonus tactics, live trades, extras, one on one session, more live trades, and a final note from the creator with tips and tricks he has found through his trading experiences.

Best of all may be the fact that Russ says that he will always provide support and help to all of his customers after many experiences of buying other trading products himself and the "expert" totally vanishing after they got his money.

The reviews spread over the internet seem to have nothing but good to say about Russ's program. For example, one reviewer states:

I believe that anyone who wants a simple to use trading system which can help not only to make money but to teach you a lot about Forex trading, should get Forex Rebellion and give it a try. It has a 60 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. (

With a program that has so many good reviews and is backed up by various other experienced traders in the business, Russ Horn may truly be on to something good for the Forex trading market.

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