Forex Raider Review -
Is it a Scam?

Forex Trade is a huge money making market involving the currency trade. It is so huge that it made a staggering $3.98 Trillion in currency trades and thousands of regular people cashed in on it.

The trick is finding the right Forex computer program that helps the investments we make double or triple when finished with the trade. It is much like the New York Stock Market, as it involves all forms of foreign currency, including stocks and bonds.

Forex Raider ( is yet another program that enables some help with pips (a pip is the smallest increment to bid with in Forex Trading). To get a better understanding of what the Forex Raider is capable of doing, this program finds way more pips than that of an individual doing it on their own in much less time involved and within seconds, when those pips are available.

However getting the right program for the Forex Trade can be tricky. Edward Richter has developed the Forex Raider program. This man swears by his product that it is one of the best investments any person will make when going into the Forex Trade business. Here we see some of Edward Richter's quotes that he himself says;

"In fact, brace yourself for a ride, because if YOU'VE been searching for a way into the $4 Trillion Forex Market, you've just stumbled onto the golden ticket!

I'm talking about a PROVEN method that instantly siphons the brutal power of EVERY currency pair in SECONDS. I'm talking about an advanced neural net system so profitable that I've been using it every day for the past five years on AUTOPILOT, and making a phenomenal minimum of $19,767 a month! I'm talking Sky Rocketing Profits and Minimal Risk!"- Edward Richter .

"Imagine waking up EVERY DAY and to at least 20% trading profit, making money while you SLEEP! Well the good news is this could easily be you, BUT you need to pay some serious attention now and be ready to let go of all your old senile ways that NEVER WORKED ANYWAY, and listen to what you actually NEED."- Edward Richter.

Now we can see for ourselves that Edward Richter claims an awful lot when it comes to his program being the top in pips and is able to tap into the $4 Trillion money market. True Forex Trading depends on the individual's interest, investments, paying attention to what trades are good ones and what trades may not be so good and can cause a loss of profit.

Each person learns as they go, this means the more they are involved in Forex Trading, the more a person learns what to do and becomes knowledgeable towards the Forex Trade business. The Forex Raider helps ASSIST in getting more pips and trades, but it is after all a machine, it cannot foresee what pips are the best, only a human has the intuition of good judgment calls.

The website looks good, it is well designed and the video, proof of pictures do indeed show good quality, and is better than other sites selling their Forex Trade programs. No color flash and trash, a good solid page with no fluff.

It is a matter of importance to do a well designed website page rather than doing one that looks like a scam and smells like a scam. The Forex Raider website shows different views of profitable proof, and backed up with a no risk, money back guarantee.

Looking at reviews from customers who actually bought this product, showed mixed results. There were some happy and satisfied customers, and then there were some very dissatisfied customers and even a few who say it is a scam. Here are some reviews from other customers who bought the product, and what they have to say.

March 11, 2011-
Bought in January - took out its first trade today!! - and I was quite impressive way it handed it. It jumped out with good pips on re bound. Support advised it will trade when conditions were right - I am wondering if maybe there was an incompatibility problem with my account running other EA's on it? I might open a demo and just have it running solo and see if any difference - but I was impressed at the trade today I must say.

February 27, 2011-
I also bought FX Raider - no trades at all. I even sent them a screen shot of my settings, changed to what they told me. No trades at all for a few weeks - I asked for a refund!

January 21, 2011-
Hi guys - day 2 and I received a nice email from the seller. Very helpful and advised info below. This was advertised as something special - It might be worth holding fire and waiting for that to happen _ I will - it's not a scalper after all. I've found this seller very helpful: The average number of trades depends on market conditions. Usually the average is between 3 to 10 trades a week but it can trade a few times a day as well. A few days without trades are normal since FX Raider will not trade if it doesn't identify optimal trading conditions, and it will not trade during a trending range. Don't hesitate to email me if you have any further questions. Here 24/7 Hi guys - this may well be true. Another forum has people saying bought 2 weeks ago and no trades. I purchased a day or two ago and sent the seller a note querying this problem¡­day 2 and no reply. I will wait until tomorrow and then go to Citibank for a refund. If I get a reply I will update. Not good. This was advertised through reliable people - so getting to the point that maybe we all shouldn't be buying these until our reliable testers confirm good!!

January 17, 2011
TOTAL SCAM. I've bought but didn't receive any product. From support NO ANSWER."

My recommendation would be to give a pass on this product. There are many more other good Forex products so why risk it on this one when we are not certain of the quality?