Forex Pip Snager Review -
Is it a Scam?

The Forex Pip Snager website is endorsed by Jason Sweezey, and it totes a pretty brazen subtitle, telling you it will change the way you trade Forex forever. Jason starts off by asking you some questions which he feels you will be familiar with if you have tried Forex trading before.

He reasons that traders mostly lose because they are buying when they are selling and vice versa, and that most traders try and trade against the trend, resulting in continuous loss. He says fear leads people to do this, and that he understands your frustration, anxiety and anger over this failure.

But, Jason claims, his program can change all of this, changing your bad trading habits into good ones, guaranteed. He goes on to say that his program will help take you from a losing trader to a winning one in no time, making 300-500 pips a week.

The Forex Pip Snager will teach you several things like buying only when you are supposed to be, how to trade with the near term trend, where exactly to put your stop loss, how to take the most pips out of each trade and learning how to know a bad trade from a good one.

Jason claims that his e-book has information you won't find anywhere else as well. With this program as well, Jason tells you that you won't have to go through a lot of complicated setups, figure out any technical patterns, or whether to buy or sell off any Pivot Points.

You won't need a bunch of trend lines or indicators on your chart, either, all of which can be very confusing and time consuming to figure out. Along with promoting his system as easy and quick to learn, Jason gives you both the 4x Pip Snager Day Trader System and the 4x Pip Snager Scalper System.

Jason is not claiming to fill his program with false promises like others have, but assures you that his is a system that will work, and that you will be happy with it and not need to buy anything else. He offers his 60 day money back guarantee as well if you do not start making 300-500 pips a week in the first few months.

Jason's favorite feature of his program is the 4x Pip Snager's Accurate Filtering Technology. This tool will actually tell you when you should just walk away and not trade, because there are times when you shouldn't.

This will save you from a lot of stress, and it will keep working for you day after day because it is based on the Current Market Action instead of trend analysis. This is one example Jason gives on his site of this feature working:


I want to thank you also. Since I started using your system, I have had very nice positive trades.
I added an additional dimension to your system. I added a 50 ema...and RSI, Plus 2 line MACD .
I use yours as the main source and use them to confirm. Also, they allow me to buy or sell within the context of your signal....
They work together really well and am having more success than I have ever had.
I tried a $2,000 program and after one week, sent it back. After trying your system, there wasn't any need to change to another.
Your's is so simple and using the other two signals as confirmations or a way of catching 20 - 30 pip moves within the paramaters of your signal has been wonderful.


Lynn S.

As you scroll further down the page, you see something a little different than what you usually see on these sites, a note from the creator telling you that his program really is different.

Jason goes on to tell you that he also made all the trading mistakes and that he spent years of developing a system where no matter what he did he would be trading with the trend, because he saw that every time he lost, it was because he was going against the trend.

He went through all the frustration that other traders have gone through. He gives his word that his system will work for you, and keep on working. His reason for selling his program is as he says so that he knows he helped other traders to be more successful in their trading.

Hi Jason,

I just wanted to thank you for restoring my faith in mankind. This is a great simple system and I love the follow up emails that you are sending. I have spent thousands on ebooks and systems and your system is one of the few that actually delivers. I hope you will continue to become rich and famous!!

Kind regards,

Greg Simpson


Reviews for Jason's product seem to overall be fairly positive. Reviewers like the fact that his system helps reduce people's losses by giving them the education needed to understand the right trading times. Traders can also learn the best trading options through Jason's program which in turn brings them higher profits on their investments.

His e-book also provides plenty of information on different trading topics, all of which help traders be better. This program promotes being able to help its users create a wealth for themselves, fairly quickly, and at the same time building up their confidence in their ability to trade the Forex market. One reviewer states: "The great thing with this purchase is that you get the daily emails from Jason Sweezy himself.This helps to speed up the learning curve for novice traders, as well as giving immediate feedback on the previous day's trades to show where you should have entered and exited, either for winners or losers as per the trading system."


Although there do not seem to be as many reviews on this product as some others, it could be the right program to check out if you think it could fit your trading style or would help you to understand how to trade more efficiently.

It does come with a money back guarantee, backing up the creator of the program who insists you will have success with this program and he isn't just saying that to swindle your money.

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