Forex History

Forex History has a lot to offer newcomers to this market. Looking at the important happenings that lead to the development of Forex is essential.

There are many traders, who operate in this market on a daily basis. Not many of them know how this international market began. Occurrences throughout the establishment of currency are related directly to Forex History.

Forex History has resulted in one of the most productive markets to invest in. This market is commonly referred to as the Foreign Exchange Market. There is a good reason for this name. The buying and selling of currencies are actively done here. This is a worldwide decentralized financial market.

Today, there is a traditional Forex Market, as well as, Interbank Forex. The latter is a form of the market where large banks and the very wealthy operate. They use this Forex model to make money when international currencies fluctuate. Knowing the specifics of both of these models means succeeding in the market.

You cannot fully understand this market without learning Forex History. There are many details that factor into this history. These details work to provide us with the international market that we know today. Let's take a look at some of the historic happenings that steered the development of Forex.

The gold standard

The 1875 development of the gold standard monetary system affected Forex History. This occurred in the very beginning of international business. The gold standard itself was used to standardize transactions.

No one knew at this time how these international markets would grow and develop. It was not apparent which countries would become industrialized and requires dealings around the world. Forex history tends to mirror the history of money through the world.

Currencies develop

Years after the gold standard monetary system, currencies began to arise. By the late 19th century all of the major economic countries had their own currency. These international currencies at this time were all based upon the value of one ounce of gold.

Over time there were changes in these currencies and the countries that they represented. There were differences between the currencies of two countries. This was known as the exchange rate for these currencies.

International money management

When world war entered the picture many monetary changes took place. The gold standard system fell through during World War I. There was a brief return to this standard after the war. Most countries gave up on it at some point. After World War II, the Allies saw the need for an international change.

There was a need for a monetary system that worked for all participants. In 1944, more that 700 representatives met and formulated the International Monetary Management System. This decision paved the way for Foreign Exchange and was a foundation in Forex History.

Forex today

There are traders around the world that earn significant profits through this market. There are 4 central cities where trading hours are based. These cities are New York, London, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Five days per week trading is going on around the clock. During these days individuals and brokers can trade currencies 24 hours per day. Forex History led to a substantial market for investors to enjoy.