Forex Crescendo Review - A Forex Trade
Program that Works or a Scam?

For anyone who is not familiar with Forex Trade, it is a currency exchange system. In a sense, an individual puts up a cash advancement to "buy" into the currency market to gain profits from the cash advancement.

Forex Trade is a risk factor type of business. There are no guarantees that any individual will make profits as an individual can also lose their money as well. For the most part however, most bids in the currency market do give a positive profit gain.

Forex Crescendo ( is an automated trading robot (also called Bot); computer program that automatically trades, finds currency market pips and achieves automatic accounts to bid for. The Forex Crescendo website at interestingly is a very long web page.

Upon further inspection of the website, there is the famous "revealing of the secret" line being used. It does not matter that it is a "secret" because everyone has been told the secret. No one is selected; it is a first come first served basis.

The product works, and is not a scam, but the website advertizing style horrible. The way the website is displayed shows poor lack of thought, and repeats throughout the website, the advertizing is so badly done it looks and smells like a scam for your money. As told on the website,

"Forex Crescendo trades automatically without any intervention from me.
- It never misses a trade or takes a break or makes a mistake.

- I can play golf, read a book or go on vacation, it makes no difference. Forex Crescendo trades exactly as it should regardless of the situation.

- You can have a full-time job and it would make no difference, Forex Crescendo doesn't care what you do with your time because it's an automated trading robot and has no emotion."

Further into the website there are notable "putdowns" of other trading robot programs and that this Forex Crescendo program is the ONLY one that does the correct job of trading without any input from the user. The product itself may be a great investment to buy but the style of the advertisement on the website may put off a lot of potential buyers simply because of it looking like a scam.

Users who bought this product have shown mixed results. Some reviews of the product are good while others are not so good. One example of a review which was right under the link as an Alert to possible buyers stated this, "ALERT: I Want A Refund & About To Dismiss Andrea Salvatore From Forex Crescendo #####~Find Out The Truth About FOREX CRESCENDO~#####

"Another review opinion had positive glowing results for the product. On the 28th September 2010, probably the best EA ever developed - Forex Crescendo was released to the public. Personally, I have followed the promotion and launch of this incredible EA since the beginning and in a nutshell what I can say is - This was the most honest and transparent launch in History, Andrea Salvatore is a trader himself-The developer of the EA is Andrea Salvatore whom to start with has a reputation to defend.

So releasing an EA which does not deliver what is promised may or better say WILL damage his reputation. Andrea is a mathematician (more on this later), a developer and a trader. So this EA unlike most of the other EAs in the market is coming from a trader who UNDERSTANDS the concept and importance of Money Management. This is one of the main reasons why most expert advisers fail."

"Here are a few actual reviews from customers, potential customers and people just like us who have questions about the validity of this product Forex Crescendo.

I like the sound of this but I had a few questions I wanted answered before I take the plunge. Although they undertake to answer all questions promptly. 99.9% within 20 minutes. I must have been one of the unlucky because I have not had a response at all after 10 hours.

About Forex crescendo EA I wrote them mail 2 times and I did not receive any reply until now mean I wrote them 2 days before and still no answer then how will help a client who use their EA in 20 mints...what do u think?.....

After 1 day my demo dropped from 50.000 to 6.400 after a record number of 48 trades: tremendous start. Support was helpful within a couple of hours and send me an "updated" version. Apparently they already knew the problem and already solved it. After 4 days with another broker (their advice) I am running a profit of 40 pips. Frankly with a live account I would have run through a heart attack. EA experience up to now = 9 bought. Result is 8 refunds and 1 running (Crescendo). After this one, NO MORE!

This EA has a major bug that just cost my mate $1300 in a day on a $4000 account. Notice in the big giant advertisement that the live trades stop on the 5th. Nothing on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th. This is when the bug was running rampant.

This EA industry is just one big marketing machine. Notice that every "review" has a link to buy the product. Hardy independent advice."

In the end, it is up to the buyer or potential customer to take the risks involved in buying this product. Any individual, who is already doing Forex Trading, is already taking risks. It shows definite positive possibilities, as well as negative possibilities. It all comes down to taking risks and good judgment calls.

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