Forex Autopilot System Review - Is it
Real or a Scam?

Forex Trade is a currency exchange system that earns millions of people profit from investing. The Forex Trade world is actually a very large 3.98 billion dollar success business for people who are in the Forex Trade business.

Forex Autopilot System (, created by Marcus Leary, has been a proven product and a successful Forex Trade program. Forex Autopilot System is a combination of software and a blueprint-style trading software program.

It is designed to take out the "guess" work and human error mistakes by recognizing trends in real time. The program comes with directions on how to run the program with different currency pairs and has a 96% success rate. Marcus Leary claims that he can:

"Well let me put it to you like this...What if today, I was to give you the exact knowledge and training that would allow you to sidestep your competitors and super-charge your income to a six-figure salary and beyond? In essence, I'm offering you the same type of knowledge that allowed Bill and Steve to take the computer industry by storm..."

Going to other sites, there is a man who states that with one push of a button, you can make a ton of money, is not true. If money was that easy to make then everyone would be in on it.

"To be honest with you, most of them are bad, scams or just a duplicate copy with slight changes from other profitable EAs. Some of the developers are just the average Joe who knows nothing about Forex and just wants to make a quick buck selling some B.S. Forex robot....

Hence, selecting the quality robot can be a daunting task. Here are the few EAs you may have heard about or bought:

*Forex Hitter
*Forex Killer
*Forex Funnel
*Forex Auto Run
*FAP Turbo

Come On... Nothing Can be that Easy and Make Money, Right?

Well, Yes and no. You can make a lot of money but you can also lose a lot of money as well. It's all depending on how you trade them and the rules coded into the robots." From the desk of Phil Poland

For anyone who is interested in getting the best Forex Trade program for the bang of their buck, here is what is included in the Forex Autopilot System;

*The Forex Autopilot Robot
*The bonus no-farm payroll Robot
*An ultra trend indicator
*Documentation - a 74 page manual in keywords, use and set up to not fail with the Forex Autopilot System

Forex Autopilot System is one of the most used products on the Forex Trade market and praised by thousands who have bought the product and report impressive revenue and results.

Forex Autopilot System is designed for those who have little or no experience in the currency exchange market and wish to learn how to use Forex Trade before plunging into the unknown. This program works with one of the best known Forex trade platforms, MetaTrade4.

Consumers who bought this program report an excellent positive result and glowing reviews. Here are a few samples of what other people are saying about the product Forex Autopilot System.

"I really like Autopilot System because it makes money on the long-term. Like any other system it's not perfect and has some draw downs. On the long-term it's a winner and that's what counts for me." Actual user feedback from []

"It's best to couple this software with more in depth Forex Trading knowledge." Actual user feedback from []

"I bought Forex Autopilot 2 months ago. On the test run I had mostly wins. When I went live I had a few small losses and was concerned, but I stuck at. Since then I have made $7000 in profit" Portion of actual user review on

"When June ended, I had made in excess of 1000 pips. Today, I matched the May gains" Portion of actual user review on

"The Forex Autopilot has now undertaken 17 trades in 3 weeks (6 of them today!). It has made 20 pips on each of 16 trades" Portion of actual user review on

Here are some bad and disappointed user reviews on the Forex Autopilot System;

Forex Autopilot Review - July 16th, 2008 at 7:27 pm
Although the product is good, I think people need to remember that it is only $100. It should be viewed as a training tool and an introduction to the Meta4 trading platform and nothing more.

thnickster3 - August 6th, 2008 at 11:29 am Have used autopilot for less than a week on ForexMetaTrade. Started with a $5000 sim account. This software makes incredibly bad trades. My fake money account is now at $2500. It seems to go for breakouts through resistance and down through support.

Most of the time this does not work. Tried 1 minute and 5 minute charts. Forget this software. It seems to be a scam.

forexautopilotsux - December 16th, 2008 at 8:18 pm SCAMMM....Okay. Weird thing is...when I started using this EA...I thought I'll read all the reviews I can and then make my decision on an EA. Well every single comment that I found on every single website about FOREXAUTOPILOT EA, was just amazing! That is such BSSS, so basically to start off with.

They'll make you buy the product with a guarantee that you can return it within 30 days or whatever with your money back. Haa joke. You'll never be able to get in touch with them. This EA WILL WORK WONDERSS for you IFFF you are using it in a DEMO account with FXDD. It'll rack up money for you like noooo tomorrow.

Go to sleep next morning u'll make like crazy amount of money. Opposite is true for the REAL ACCOUNT. I can go on and on. I know FOREX is a risky business. But believe me ANYONE IS better off GUESSING and PLAYING the market then using this piece of JUNK. Ohhh yaaa BTW I wondered why so many people left such good ratings, well that's because they are all getting paid for advertising the product.

Sooo yaa go ahead try it with FXDD or with any other broker...u'll see totally different results. It will not bid or sell with any other broker BUT with FXDD it will almost certainly do it one after another especially in DEMO...and u'll just see ALL GREENS and be happy until u try to use it in REAL account then YOU ARE DONE MY FRIEND."

This program has hit an all time score of 9 out of a total of 10 for ratings. However there are both good and bad reviews. In the end for $99.00, I would recommend this product for both new users and existing users with a CAUTION as it is wise to bone up on reading about Forex Trading to gain knowledge beforehand since it is a risk business.

Many people can lose out on their investments, pips, and exchange rates if they jump right in with no basic knowledge. Forex Trade is based on good judgment calls, integrity, money for investing to make the profits, and risks. With basic knowledge skills, one can achieve a good solid profitable income through the currency exchange trading.

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