Dean Sander's 10 Minute Forex
Wealth Builder Review - Does
it Work? Or is it a Scam?

Forex Trade is the trading of currency exchanges that people who invest in putting some money down, will earn profits from the investments. Depending on the size of investments, the profits when done right can be surmountable amounts of positive profit and cash flow.

The Forex Trade industry is one of the world's largest currency exchange programs out on the market. It alone incurred a total of $3.98 billion last year, 2010. Forex Trade deals with money, stocks, bonds and other forms of currency and now there are many computer programs out there that assist in gaining profit in the Forex Trade such as the Forex Wealth Builder.

In 2008, the 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder started up. The main website (www. for this product opens up with Dean Sander who is a 9 year Forex Trade veteran, who has now decided to show his tricks and knowledge in gaining profitable income in the Forex world, and only takes ten (10) minutes a day to net in profit.

Interestingly Dean Sander claims that other Forex products are being force fed and advertized to feed the gurus who produced these computer no fail systems in the Forex world, and to make a buck off you, regardless if it really works or is a scam. (Wow, and yet here he is doing the exact same thing, deciding to suddenly advertize his product to make a buck off you too!)

Talk about being hypercritical, one should not be pointing fingers for scamming techniques when they themselves are advertizing and claiming pretty much the same things! Even if his product is good!

"The so called gurus are plastering the internet with magical indicators claiming to be the next holy grail and almost force feeding you ideas of day trading for a living. Well I'm afraid it's time to uncover some of the truths the gurus don't want you to know!" - Dean Sander

Here are some of Dean Sander's other claims, some which are good and have clout, but others were a bit on the wild side being over confident:

Day trading is a fool's game... and anyone that tries to convince you otherwise would be lying to your face! 95% of day traders lose their entire trading account within 90 days, battling against the noise of the market betting on every tick and spending 8-12 hours a day staring at the charts like a zombie. It's no life...

Long gone are the stressful days of watching the charts for hours upon hours desperately waiting for a setup to catch 10-15 pips. Implementing the 10MFWB systems you will often catch trades of well over 300 pips with no effort at all while still spending your entire day doing things you enjoy."

When it comes to Forex Trading, it is solely based on the amounts of investments an individual is willing to risk and good solid knowledge in the trade business. However, one good thing Dean Sander did was introduce himself and give a little bit of background information about himself.

Most other sites there were either no author names or real proof of who wrote the selling information on their products! Having a seller give up their personal information freely does show that they are sticking with their claims, and do not fear that their product is a failure.

Dean Sander claims the reasons why so many people fail in the Forex Trade business is because;

*Fear and Greed
*Over Trading
*Late Entries

And with the 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder traders can avoid these three common traps. Another point that is made further down the website is that Dean Sander says that,

"Unfortunately many of the details of the 10MFWB are simply far too powerful to list above, only the lucky few people who get hold of a copy of the 10MFWB will have the opportunity to discover some of the most powerful trading tactics ever uncovered."

Again, only a few lucky people will have the honor of being able to share Dean Sander's secrets and after a short time, this offer will be no longer available. I find that hard to believe because the website has been up for over a year advertizing his "goods".

Searching other sites to inquire about the 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder showed reviews with positive marks for the product itself. The online website may be a bit cocky at times, however getting good results from consumers goes to show that Dean Sander's product indeed does what he says it will.

"Ken Crigler from IA. USA: Forex tutorials are normally full of technical stuff that is difficult for a lay man to understand. The visuals and online virtual trading that they use usually turns out to be a dud when used in live trading.

Here is one man, Dean Saunders, who uses only price driven indicators instead of asking to keep an eye on news and look for indicators. His 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder is worth a try. I, for one, tried my hand at it. And I was richer by 140 pips in my very first trade. And that too in ten minutes flat.

Stacey Davis from Deport, TX :Dean Saunders hits the nail on the head when he points out on his site, 10 minute Forex wealth builder the three most common mistakes that people make while trading in Forex market. His 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder attempts to exactly teach you how not to commit those mistakes.

His ten minute strategy removes all risk developing emotional attachment to a profitable trade, unrealistic expectations and greed. Once these are eliminated, all that one requires to make profits is to know when to enter the market and where to exit. His 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder shows the way how know them in advance.

Anthony Mahoney from Baltimore:Dean Saunders really takes you down to the simple basics of Forex trade with his 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder System. His concept of using only price driven techniques to understand entry and exit points is something that the man on the street usually does not get to know.

It is not a gut feeling but a system based on deep understanding of how the market behaves. It is good that he is releasing only a limited number of copies. Had it been otherwise, everyone would become a professional Forex trader. :) haha Great Job Dean Saunders!"

In the end, getting Dean Sander's Forex product is a good solid buy for $77.00 and I would recommend this to any person who does not mind the risks involved in Forex Trading.

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